Lost and Found: A family love story

29 Sep

LATE THIS SUMMER, eight Boulder Library staff members had the honor and pleasure of spending three intensive days learning the methodology of digital storytelling as taught by Daniel Weinshenker and Kayann Short from the Center for Digital Storytelling.  Staff members learned to create short, first-person video narratives by combining recorded voice, still and moving images, and music or other sounds. The experience was deeply moving and meaningful for all involved, not to mention a huge opportunity to improve professional skills.

If you would like to see more about what digital storytelling is all about, I invite you to watch the five-minute video I made during the workshop, which is titled “Lost and Found.” It tells about my own family history in relation to my job as the oral history program manager.

If you’d like to see more digital stories, you can visit www.storiesforchange.net.

Our hope is that in the future we will be able to bring these skills in storytelling and audio/video recording and editing to library patrons, creating opportunities for members of the public to produce their own digital stories. We are excited by potential uses of digital storytelling for adding another dimension to oral histories, offering teens an outlet for their passions and creativity, and for giving the public a way to share stories of historical and personal meaning.

We are indebted to the Boulder Library Foundation for funding the initial Digital Storytelling workshop and to library staff member Diana Sherry for working tirelessly to  organize the workshop and obtain the grant that funded it. Several of the summer’s workshop participants now hope to go on to take facilitator training. Stay tuned!

—Susan Becker, Maria Rogers Oral History Program Manager

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