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The Hippies are Coming! The Hippies are Coming!

24 Jul

The Carnegie Branch Library has arranged a display that illustrates and contextualizes the period of 1968-1972, when “long-hairs,” “freaks,” and “transients” flooded the local population. Invasion of the Hippies is a multimedia retrospective including photos, artifacts, and interviews from the Maria Rogers Oral History Program. Complementing the physical showcase is a 30-minute movie created from oral-history excerpts and photo images.

Oral history perfectly suits the library’s retrospective, bringing voice to the different people and perspectives emerging from that time of high tension AND flower power.


Demonstrating Heritage … the Blacksmith’s Way

24 Apr

In 2007, interviewer Liz McCutcheon and videographer Bob Dornan teamed up to capture an oral history with blacksmith Charles (Chuck) Everitt. That video included a conversation about blacksmithing as well as two demonstrations done for two different groups of school children.

Just in time for the Walker Ranch “Spring Heritage Day” (Sunday, April 26), we offer an MROHP “short” produced by Jenna Woods. Jenna’s video, “A Fourth-generation Colorado Blacksmith,” brings a delightful blend of talk and strike (hint: a blacksmithing term.)

Watch here or on YouTube. And get ready for sparks!


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