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Demonstrating Heritage … the Blacksmith’s Way

24 Apr

In 2007, interviewer Liz McCutcheon and videographer Bob Dornan teamed up to capture an oral history with blacksmith Charles (Chuck) Everitt. That video included a conversation about blacksmithing as well as two demonstrations done for two different groups of school children.

Just in time for the Walker Ranch “Spring Heritage Day” (Sunday, April 26), we offer an MROHP “short” produced by Jenna Woods. Jenna’s video, “A Fourth-generation Colorado Blacksmith,” brings a delightful blend of talk and strike (hint: a blacksmithing term.)

Watch here or on YouTube. And get ready for sparks!


Building understanding one book at a time

24 Oct

Back in 2009, oral historian Anne Marie Pois interviewed three of the founders of Reading to End Racism (RER), a non-profit group in Boulder County that sends trained readers into the schools to read specially chosen books to students that stimulate conversations about discrimination and overcoming it. 

This week we release “Reading to End Racism: Building understanding one book at a time,” an “MROHP Short” produced by Jenna Woods, that distills that interview into an engaging and inspiring introduction to the program.

This video features founders Ghada Elturk, Jean Gore, and Daniel Escalante talking about efforts to make Boulder “a racism-free zone,” experiences in their own lives that sensitized them to issues of racism, what it means to become an ally of those who experience discrimination, and how RER creates change through its effect on both readers and students.

As Daniel Escalante says,

It’s through stories that we can begin to learn about each other, understand each other, begin to have compassion for each other. It’s hard to discriminate against somebody that you care about.

Watch “Reading to End Racism: Building understanding one book at a time” here or on YouTube.

The Past and Future of “the White Man’s Fly”

12 Jul

What’s a bee space?

Who brought bees to Colorado?

What is propolis?

And why did Native Americans call bees “the white man’s fly”?

You can find out the answers to these questions and much more in our YouTube video “What About Bees?” featuring Tom Theobald.

Tom Theobald was the last county bee inspector in Colorado and has been a beekeeper for more than 30 years. A lively and passionate speaker, Mr. Theobald was filmed in his bee yards in full bee regalia as he told stories of the history of beekeeping, showed and explained the inner workings of bee hives, and reflected on the welfare and future of bees in Boulder County.

This video was compiled from a series of interviews recorded in 2003 for the Boulder County Parks and Open Space Department and the Maria Rogers Oral History Program of the Boulder Public Library. The interviews were conducted by Anne Dyni and filmed by Liz McCutcheon. Video editing and production by Jenna Woods.

Grasshoppers Were Eating the Fenceposts

31 May

There will be a free showing of “The Grapes of Wrath” at the Canyon Theater at the Main Branch of the Boulder Public Library this Sunday (June 2) at 1 pm. To set the stage, watch this interview clip from our “History in a Minute” series, in which Genevieve Crawford describes coming to Colorado in a Model A Roadster during the height of the Dust Bowl.


If you can’t see the video here, you can view it on YouTube

From an interview by Shirley Steele for the Maria Rogers Oral History Program. Part of the Industrial Mine Camp Special Collection.

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