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Safety patrol plants a seed

27 Jan

EVER WONDER HOW former Boulder County Sheriff George Epp first became interested in law enforcement? Whittier Elementary School students doing oral histories discovered that,very early on, it was the allure of the uniform and the badge:

“One of the really cool things to do at Whittier was to be on the safety patrol if you were a sixth grader. They gave you this white belt that went around your waist and across your chest. And you had a silver badge! You got to be a crossing guard and come in late to class. It was very prestigious  to be on the safety patrol.”

Just goes to show the influence that educational opportunities can have!

The students’ interview with George Epp (OH 1714) is archived as part of our oral history collection at the Carnegie Library and online.  Watch for a more in-depth interview with Sheriff Epp this spring, recorded by oral historian Caitlin McKenna, about his involvement with fighting wildfires in Boulder County.

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